Manicures & Pedicures

Manicures and Pedicures

At Vspa we offered a wide range of Manicures and Pedicures to suit all budgets and needs.


We use a combination of CND Spa products alongside 100% dead sea salts and Himalayan Salts.


Shellac File and Application

{ £17 | approx 35 min }

Shellac French File and Application

{ £19 | approx 45 min }

Shellac Blends & Glitter

{ £3 | approx 10 min }

Shellac Removal

{ £5 | approx 10 min }

Shellac Removal and IBX

{ £16 | approx 40 min }

Shellac Removal and re Application

{ £21 | approx 60 min }

Vspa Luxury Shellac Manicure

{ £32 | approx 60 min }

Give special attention to your lovely hands and be proud to show them off after your treatment. Includes a crystal hand soak, hand exfoliation, Hand and arm massage,detailed cuticle work, filing, buffing,preparation and application of CND Shellac.


Add ibx to any shellac application or Manicure andPedicure.

IBX Nail Strengthening First Treatment (This treatment must be booked with an express manicure or shellac application)IBX is a Natural Nail Growth Treatment that can be used on natural nails as well as under uv gel polish/ shellac. It creates a protective shield for the nail, It reduces white spots and is used to repair severe nail damage to set the stage for growth. IBX toughens the upper layers of the nail plate allowing nail growth. Having multiple treatments fills up deep grooves resulting in a smoother nail plate. The natural nail color and appearance is improved. You will notice the difference within 8 weeks.

{ £10 | approx 30 min }

IBX Follow up Treatment

{ £6 | approx 15 min }


Vspa Mojito Express Manicure { £22 | approx 45 min }

A zesty treat for the hands using refreshin and cooling lime, patchouli and lemongrass to leave your hands feeling young and fresh. Your hands will be bathed in our lovely patchouli,lime and lemongrass scrub and massaged to ease away any tension. Your cuticles will be pushed back and your nails will be filed and polished to perfection.

Pinks Boutique Eco Chic Organic Luxury Manicure { £30 | approx 60 min }

With this treatment you can not only enjoy a superb manicure but also take comfort in knowing that only natural and organic ingredients will be going onto your skin. Performed whilst seated, enjoy a sample of the signature touches and delicate smells of the oils which result in a hydrating and indulgent manicure.Includes a hot mitt welcome, file,fresh lime, crystal soak, detailed cuticle work, hand exfoliation, Pinks Signature hand & arm massage.

Vspa Drift Away Signature Manicure { £45 | approx 75 min }

The journey begins with a tea ceremony and aroma welcoming, you will be escorted into our treatment room suite and transferred to a couch where you will be laid back with a luxury eye pillow and relaxed throughout the entire treatment. The hands will be soaked amongst Indonesian mineral crystal soak and fresh petals. A full hand and arm scrub leads into a massage with a difference. Using Indonesian massage techniques the arms, neck & shoulders and
scalp are worked upon in our signature massage trail. To end the hands are always coated in our super hydrating spa cream, completing the journey with some green tea and leaving our spa with perfectly polished nails and stunning smooth hands and arms .


Vspa Luxury Shellac Pedicure { £32 | approx 60 min }

Lay back and relax in our Pamper Suite, Enjoy a Himalayan crystal foot soak to awake and refresh tired feet. At the end of the journey you’ll feel totally relaxed with perfectly shiny toes.

Vspa Peppermint Martini Pedicure { £24 | approx 40 min }

Refresh and revive tired feet with our Peppermint Martini Pedicure. Begin your Journey with a peppermint green tea. You will be escorted into our treatment suite where you will be laid on a comfortable couch with a relaxing eye pillow.  Using Peppermint and Lime bathing salts, Peppermint salt scrub and peppermint oil to remove every trace of dry skin to ensure the feet are flip flop ready with beautiful polished toes.

Vspa Himalayan Indulgence Luxurious Pedicure { £35 | approx 60 min }

A pedicure like no other. Begin this journey on our welcoming massage couch where you’ll experience A full detailed pedicure of 100% natural products to nourish and soften tired feet. An eye pillow is placed over the eyes. Includes a hot foot ritual followed by a luxury foot soak whist you sample the special touches of the Signature Himalayan crystal soak. A Himalayan foot exfoliation and hard skin removal, detailed cuticle work, nail shaping, Hot Stones Leg and Foot massage, Head Massage and choice of varnish. You   will be feeling truly pampered after this treatment.

Vspa Mineral Foot Soak and Scrub  { £10 | approx 10 min }

This treatment will include a relaxing foot soak in our 100% dead sea mineral salts to soften and sooth tired feet followed by Himalayan foot scrub to take away dead skin and leave your feet feeling totally rejuvenated.

Please note:

The treatment cannot be added with any pedicures. It is recommended to add with any holistic spa treatments. Ask reception for advice.

File and Polish { £10 | approx 15 min }






 Feet Treatment Add ons

Callus Peel

Callus Peel is a luxury, spa foot treatment that removes hard, callused skin leaving your feet feeling soft and revitalised. The treatment is a 15 minute process through four stages: Patch, Wrapping, Scraping & Filing and Moisturising.

Book Callus peel with any treatment and pay only £15.00

Book Callus Peel on its own and pay £19.00