Darphin Body Treatments

Darphin Body Treatments

Vspa offer a range of Darphin body treatments to leave you feeling relaxed and revitalized.

Deep Relaxation

Darphin Deep Tissue Signature Massage

Inspired by Pierre Darphin’s iconic Deep Massage, this signature treatment relies on a blend of nourishing aromatic oils and restorative, rhythmical techniques to gently erase deep tensions, enhance oxygenation, re-energize and impart a blissful sensation of well-being.



{ £50 | approx 55min }

Face and Body Treatment- Deep Relaxation

Complete Face And Body Treatment

This signature massage uses rhythmical techniques to relax the deepest tension in the gentlest way. Using a blend of essential oils, this massage improves circulation to help oxygenate the skin and reveal a healthy glow. The mind and body are left energised and in a state of harmony.

{ £80 | approx 85min }